Beginnings & Endings


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A ring?! A ring…I’m looking at a vintage, silver, gorgeous ring; a vintage, silver, gorgeous, shiny ring–but a ring.

Laying in my giant fluffy bed at my grandparents, I’ve never felt more relaxed. My pillow is damp from my mound of freshly showered hair sprawled out on it and my comforter is pulled up to my chin, my warm breath blowing back into my face; I am not going to sleep, I’m just laying here, relaxing. I cannot remember the last time I was in utter silence. I know this will only be for one night but I am thankful for the seclusion all the same. Continue reading


Blades of Grass


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Everything is covered in a thin layer of ice; the rolling hills of fields become something from a dream in the frigid weather, the icy tips of grass sparkling in the setting sun. It is beautiful outside today, unbearably cold, but beautiful. We are on our way to his grandparents house to have an early dinner. Continue reading

Heavy Heat


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The tension is so thick, it’s like choking on a cloud of smoke. The fire is blazing somewhere near, out of my view; I can feel it’s soot tendrils swirling around my throat.

My eyes are stinging and my head hurts.

Sitting in my car, I am watching raindrops hit my windshield, the blobs slithering downwards, collecting other raindrops as they go. In the distance lies the castle-themed playground that I had discovered just a short while ago. I wish I had discovered this place sooner, it is peaceful and secluded. I need peaceful and secluded right now. Continue reading

Lemons & Rocks


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Parents are the greatest and the worst thing to ever happen to kids. As children, they were our superheroes, incapable of doing anything less than amazing. Their knowledge of the world and superiority in everything made them jaw-dropping remarkable–even just a simple kiss on a cut could make the pain go away. There wasn’t anything they couldn’t do, no pain they couldn’t take away.

Then, one day, we grew up. We learned that our parents do not have all the answers, that they are not capable of doing everything, that they cannot always take our pains away. Continue reading

Circus Ring


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When I was a little girl, the sight of a Merry Go Round would send me into uncontrollable squeals of laughter. It didn’t matter what I was doing or where we were, as soon as I saw it, I would begin to jump up and down and scream “Rocky!”, my hands clapping in excitement. I would take off towards it (always to the alarmed disapproval of the adult I was with), my beaming smile and lit up face keeping me from being scolded and told “no” when they finally caught up with me; I think my loved ones had just as much fun watching me go round’ and round’ in circles, the sounds of my giggles ringing in the air. Continue reading