On January 26th, 1992, in a small unimpressive hospital located in Michigan, I was born. That day also happened to be the day there was a super bowl game on with one of the teams colors being red.

With my first name being Olivia, and wanting to remain anonymous on the internet–at least for now–that is how this blog got it’s name.

My posts are all true stories from my life. As a writer, if the best thing I can do is write about what I know, what better to write about than the events that take place in my life?

I live in a small two bedroom house that I rent, in an old fashioned town in the fine state of Tennessee. My boyfriend, who’s name will not be mentioned, lives with me. I do not have any children but he does, though he does not see them often.

I come from a large family having a total of seven children. I am biologically the oldest (I say “biologically” because we adopted my older best friend who is now my older sister), something my mother likes to remind me of when my younger siblings surpass my current life accomplishments. My parents divorced when I was thirteen. They both went on to remarry, then divorce those spouses too. Three times a charm?

High School for me was uneventful. Most days I just patiently waited for the day to be over, hating the monotony of my sleep inducing classes. In 2010, I graduated and went on to attend a Private Christian University located in Michigan. Since English had always been my best, and most favorite, subject, I set towards majoring in Secondary English. That quickly changed when I failed all of my English classes my first semester. After that devastating couple of weeks, I met with my counselor and switched my major to Youth Ministry. Why? Because I loved Jesus, young people, and speaking in front of crowds.

That fell through too since I was not yet ready to give up the partying and extra-curricular activities I had just discovered with boys.

So I moved back home to get my life back on track.

I got a job and met a boy who soon became my fiancé. We were deeply in love until we weren’t.

Life quickly changed again after that. After a series of unfortunate events, I ended up in Tennessee with my dad’s side of the family, staying with my grandparents.

I got a job here and met a boy. We dated for awhile, then I moved to his town and he moved into my house with me. And here we are today.

Some random facts about me: I love over-sized sweaters, naps after work, chinese takeout, watching youtube vloggers, singing in the bathroom or while cleaning, painting, and avoiding debt collectors. I hate sharks, the idea of sharks, mornings, things covered in glitter, and debt collectors.

To contact me, you can email me at:

Follow me on Twitter @MissOliviaRed & you can find me by using #becomingoliviared


10 thoughts on “Author”

  1. I am impressed by your willingness to be real and speak the truth, the truth that most are willing to sweep under the rug and ignore. You have a raw and heartfelt style that begs to be read.


  2. Consider me a fan of your work Madame! Your writing is lovely and is capable of making the reader go through a plethora of emotions, amazing!


  3. Hey!! Olivia! It’s been quite a while eh? Haven’t seen a post from you for what seems like ages! How are you and when are coming back?


    • Hey there nocturnal! Its been way too long. I am well, just unsure of how to put into words all the twists and turns life has thrown. I have plenty to write but no clue where to begin!


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